Will World Round 4

1 04 2011

Quarterly Report

Accounting regulations in Will World require all companies to produce quarterly reports.   The template for the report is available here.   Copy the file to your google account and fill out all the information.   Make sure you make the document public so everyone can see it.  Post a link to your file in the comments to this post.

Changes for this Cycle

You have the option in this cycle of setting your own price for Macs and Lyons.   Based on your price, you may sell out completely or you may have goods remaining at the end of the cycle.  Make your decisions wisely.

Be sure to fully read Will World Words as there are more options available to you in this round.  First come, first serve means exactly that so make your decisions carefully and quickly.

Post your pricing and production decisions here.

To increase your reputation this round you can complete these questions by the end of the day.