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17 06 2011

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Journal 1 – Economic Principle Behind a University Education

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Journal 2 – Alternatives too, and Problems With Giving Cash For Grades

Journal 3 – On The Bubble

Journal 4 – Canada’s Fundamental Economic Issues

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Tomatoes In Short Supply

5 03 2011

The supply of tomatoes in the southern states has decreased recently due to a cold snap effecting growing conditions. One of the supply determinates causing this shortage in tomatoes is change in quantity supplied. The resources needed to grow tomatoes are not available (i.e. good weather) which is causing prices to go up. According to a local restaurants owner, tomatoes that used to cost about $15 dollars now cost as much as $50. Some other owners are going days without similar produce such as avocados or spinach. As of right now, the problem is not serious enough that customers are seeing a major price increase and for now everything is stable. However, if the problem gets worse tomatoes might stop being included on some menu items in the future.

Here is the link to the article: Tomatoes In Short Supply