Economic Challenges Assignment

Canadian Economic Challenges Assignment


This assignment replaces the critical question assignment from last semester.  It also leads into your last assigned journal.  You will coordinate your work in groups and receive an individual and a group mark for your work.  You may choose your groups.  Groups can be 3 to 6 people.

For your journals, I have provided you with both the prompt and the preliminary places to begin your research.   This assignment requires you to gather the research materials for the journal.

It will also require you to make brief presentations about current news articles and events that relate to your topic.  These topics are very broad, allowing you to find the most newsworthy and interesting articles and resources.


  1. Government Spending and Taxation, Debt and Deficits
  2. Trade, Outsourcing and Jobs
  3. Income Inequality
  4. Consumer Debt, Mortgages and Housing Prices
  5. Commodity Prices, Oil and Resource Shortages
  6. Financial Industry, Deregulation, Leverage and Systemic Risk


Research Component

  •  5 articles per person bookmarked, tagged and annotated on the diigo group (no duplicates).
  • You can choose to assign different sub-topics to each group member or different categories of sources.  Divide it however you wish.
  •  Links must include:
    • Reputable sites with statistics related to your topic
    • Blogs from economists (for some useful links see my diigo list)
    • Canadian sources
    • News organizations
    •  Resources that include suggestions for addressing your issues

Presentation Component

Selection and presentation of one article to the class on current developments as they pertain to your topic and the development of two discussion questions based on your article.  You can choose a news clip instead of an article.

This can by completed individually or with a partner.  Every group member must present at least once.

You must post your article and your questions to the blog on the day of your presentation.

Participation Component

You are required to participate in discussion of the articles either in class or on the blog. You must participate in 9 discussions not including your own.

Summary Component

One post per group on the blog on your topic that uses the following headings:

  • Key Concerns/Issues
  • Resulting Challenges to Canadians
  • Supporting Statistics and Evidence
  • Possible Solutions

The post can use point form. The post should use links back to source materials. Feel free to embed images and video clips.

Presentation and other Due Dates Schedule






May 23rdVictoria Day May 24thTopics 1 & 2 May 25thTopics 3 & 4 May 26thTopics 5 & 6 May 27thSimulation
May 30th May 31stTopics 3 & 4 June 1stTopics 5 & 6 June 2ndTopics 1 & 2 June 3rdSimulation
June 6thTopics 5 & 6 June 7thTopics 1 & 2 June 8thTopics 3 & 4 June 9thUnit Test June 10thSimulation
June 13th June 14th

Journal Prompt

You have been hired by the Canadian government and the Bank of Canada to provide an expert opinion on the economic challenges Canadians will face in the coming decade.  You have been asked to summarize the top two concerns and present recommendations on what individuals, businesses and the government can do to prevent and/or overcome these challenges.

Due Dates:

Research: ________________________

Blog Post : ________________________

Presentation – On the date of your presentation

Participation – The day of the final presentation

Journal #4: ________________________

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