Clips and Materials for Tuesday

10 05 2011



Inflation Calculator


Changing nature of unemployment


St. Louis Fed Data


Economic Forecasts by the Bank of Canada

Introduction to Macroeconomics – Circular Flow of Income

1 05 2011

Watch this video and complete your circular flow of income worksheet.  You may need to watch the video a few times to understand all the flows.

The Basics of Economic Indicators after the jump…

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Health of the Economy Assignment

27 04 2011

Health of the Canadian Economy Assignment

Working as a class, your job is to determine the health of the Canadian economy based on tradition economic indicators (we will consider other measures later in the course).

Each group will be assigned an indicator to research, present and assess.  Once the presentations are finished, you will discuss and determine, as a class, the overall health of the Canadian economy and complete a summary Prezi.

More details after the jump…

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