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1 09 2011

This year’s class should go here:

The Course is Done!

19 06 2011

Hopefully your hands have recovered from yesterday.

I have to say, that was the best illustrated set of exams I’ve ever marked.  Between pictures of geese, crying girls, corporate pigs and what I think was an economist with a cape, I certainly didn’t lack for amusement.

Your grades are posted below.  As you might notice from one of the exam grades, I have already curved the exam.  As I said in class, if you want to discuss your mark, you must show up to exam return day.  I will not elaborate, explain or negotiate via email.

Thank you all for a terrific semester.  I enjoyed teaching all of you.  Best of luck of next year.

The password is the first and last name (all lower case letters) of student who is very lucky that I have a high tolerance for sarcasm, poorly drawn cartoons and students who fail to follow basic posting instructions on blogs.

Current Events Participation

7 06 2011

This does not include any comments made on the blog on today’s presentations.  There are two more presentations tomorrow.

Susan 8 Alejandro Alex 7 Molly 3 Alexei 1 Benjamin 5 Dylan 10 Steven 8 Joey 6 Shahid 6 Na Hee 5 Christopher 9 Linda 6 Christopher 2 Maria 4 Kiruban 2 Heshani 6 Ilia 5 Noah 8 Mike 3 Petr 2 Dani 2 Dmytro 10 Carolyne 8 John 8 Ngodup 4 Kevin 2 Oleksandr 6 Lok-Hin 1

Categorize and Tag your Journals!

2 06 2011

 – Ms. Cuttle as she marks the last journal (or so she thinks).

 – Ms. Cuttle recording the grades and realizing some students don’t have grades.

 – Ms. Cuttle after finding one post tagged as Journal 7 instead of categorized as Journal 7.

 – Ms. Cuttle after finding one post still set as a draft.

 – Ms. Cuttle realizing several students didn’t hand in journals nor talk to her about not handing in journals.

 –> –>  – Ms. Cuttle’s increasing frustration.

 – Ms. Cuttle realizing that it isn’t her problem if students choose to not do their work.

 — Ms. Cuttle realizing marking a missing journal is very easy.