Inflation, Interest Rates and Quantitative Easing

7 06 2011


Money and Monetary Policy

7 06 2011

How Monetary Policy Works

A little Daily Show to start off…

Quantitative Easing

Two Views on Quantitative Easing

Drawbacks of Fiscal Policy and Introduction to Money

6 06 2011

A little more Daily Show to finish off the unit…

Role of Government


Government Deficits and Debt

30 05 2011

Focus on Ontario

Focus on Federal Budget

If we have time for it…

First, some more on stimulus spending… (overdosing on Krugman)

Ontario Budget 2006 t0 2009

Federal Budget

Where does the money come from?

How much can the U.S. government borrow?

The Global Debt Clock

Two sides of the U.S. Debt Debate

Can you fix the U.S. Budget?

Fiscal Policy Specifics…

26 05 2011

From the Daily Show and the Colbert Report

Interventions in the Business Cycle – Overview

24 05 2011

First… the output gap in the U.S.

Some statistics

Clips and Materials for Tuesday

10 05 2011



Inflation Calculator


Changing nature of unemployment


St. Louis Fed Data


Economic Forecasts by the Bank of Canada