The Course is Done!

19 06 2011

Hopefully your hands have recovered from yesterday.

I have to say, that was the best illustrated set of exams I’ve ever marked.  Between pictures of geese, crying girls, corporate pigs and what I think was an economist with a cape, I certainly didn’t lack for amusement.

Your grades are posted below.  As you might notice from one of the exam grades, I have already curved the exam.  As I said in class, if you want to discuss your mark, you must show up to exam return day.  I will not elaborate, explain or negotiate via email.

Thank you all for a terrific semester.  I enjoyed teaching all of you.  Best of luck of next year.

The password is the first and last name (all lower case letters) of student who is very lucky that I have a high tolerance for sarcasm, poorly drawn cartoons and students who fail to follow basic posting instructions on blogs.




5 responses

19 06 2011

Miss, I hope you don’t mind that I was a minute late with my submissions. I forgot to tag my posts again and had to do it last-minute.

21 06 2011

It’s with a space, if anyone is having trouble.

21 06 2011

You missed the pictures of cats.

21 06 2011

You’ll miss me when I’m gone, mark my words, Cuttle.

21 06 2011
Peter S

Thank you very much Miss Cuttle!
That was a great course and a great time!

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