Alejandro Enamorado: Posting Summary

19 06 2011

All Journals

Journals (already marked):

Woe is the TTC

Sink or Swim: The Underwater Mortgage

Patient: The Economy of Canada

Journal (newly submitted):

 Economics Class: A Bid Farewell


All Comments:

To Be Marked

Carolyne Wang’s Wal-Mart: The Poisoned Apple 

Mike Seo’s What should we do about our export and income inequality?

Ngodup Yakhla’s Should Students be paid for getting good grades?

Joey Keum’s TTC is at it AGAIN!

Additional Comments:

Ilia Merkoulovich’s The TTC shouldn’t Hesitate to slash Unused Bus Routes

Chris Li’s Let’s Not Pay for Grades

Kevin Yeo’s Studying for Cash?

Chris Lee’s Chicken Soup for the Economy’s Soul (Or Lack Thereof)

Nahee Kim’s How Much Milk Is Too Much Milk

Benjamin Gray’s The Rationality of Prices, Humans and Our Decisions



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