Final Results – Will World — Updated!

10 06 2011

As a teacher I tell my students not to rush through their work and to make sure they don’t make silly errors. That is just what I did. In my rush to finish off the final round of the simulation, I forgot to change the cycle in the database for the final repayment of your investments.

Any company who bought a GIC in the 7th cycle had that amount re-deposited to their account and any company who did invest money in the 8th cycle did not have it put back into their accounts. The corrected numbers are below. I’ve left the old graphs up, after the jump. The correct numbers are directly below. Sorry for the mix up and thanks to Dimitri for spotting the discrepancies.

Magnum Corp  $33,982.98
CDSquaredK  $31,071.68
Mangoe Inc  $26,139.91
Unicorn Inc  $25,717.80
SINJ Enterprises  $17,010.91
Little Green Truck Inc.  $12,857.52
Dunder-Mifflin  $  4,147.50
Weyland-Yutani  $  2,581.20
Wolfram & Hart  $  2,359.31
Blue Sun Corporation  $  2,001.25

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