Categorize and Tag your Journals!

2 06 2011

 – Ms. Cuttle as she marks the last journal (or so she thinks).

 – Ms. Cuttle recording the grades and realizing some students don’t have grades.

 – Ms. Cuttle after finding one post tagged as Journal 7 instead of categorized as Journal 7.

 – Ms. Cuttle after finding one post still set as a draft.

 – Ms. Cuttle realizing several students didn’t hand in journals nor talk to her about not handing in journals.

 –> –>  – Ms. Cuttle’s increasing frustration.

 – Ms. Cuttle realizing that it isn’t her problem if students choose to not do their work.

 — Ms. Cuttle realizing marking a missing journal is very easy.





4 responses

2 06 2011

I remembered to categorize but not to tag… Does changing that help?

2 06 2011

I figured out it was yours by looking at the author information. Not a big deal.

3 06 2011

Haha 😀 love the emoticons. Nice way of showing your feelings.

3 06 2011

I lol’d.

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