Simulation Round 7

27 05 2011

We will play one more round after this one.  Keep that in mind when making decisions.

Your results for round 6 were emailed to you last night.

All pricing, purchasing and production decisions must be completed by end of class at 10:20. Purchases of energy and raw material can be made online through the production decision form.  Reputation point tasks are due by midnight tonight.

The sales tax will be added to your price and Willians will make their purchase decision based on that price.  When you receive your revenue it will be at the unit price you enter into the decision form.


If you decide on a price of $1, it will be entered into my sales formulas at $1.08 as the price Willians pay.  You will earn $1 per item sold.

Reputation Points due by Midnight tonight

  1. Draw a supply and demand graph for Lyons in cycle 6.
  2. Make three predictions for the economy in cycles 7 &8.



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