Simulation Round 6

20 05 2011

Will World Round 6

You may have unsold inventory this round.  It could mean your price was too high, it could be you are not popular enough to sell the quantity of goods you produced or it could be a combination of the two.

If you sold everything, you might be pricing your goods too low.  Read the articles on Will Words for hints.

You keep any unsold inventory from the last round.  It is available for sale again this round.  Macs and Lyons don’t expire.

We will play two more rounds after this one.  Keep that in mind when making decisions.

Changes this round

DunderMifflin Auction – DunderMifflin has gone bankrupt and Cuttlebank is auctioning off the remaining assets of the company.  See Will Worlds for more detail.

Government Buy Back of a Pollution Credit – The government is prepared to buy one pollution credit from one company.

Tax Proposals – The government is proposing several tax initiatives.  Remember to vote for your preferred option.

Reputation Points due by Midnight tonight

  1. Draw an AD-AS graph of the Will World Economy.
  2. Respond to rumours of price fixing in the plus market place by writing an article for Will World Words
  3. Argue for or against a specific tax proposal. Arguments could be in the form of a political cartoon, article, ad, editorial or anything else that is appropriate.
As always, post your pricing and production decisions here.



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