Property Tax

21 04 2011

The Case for Property Tax

In order for a structured society to function, there must be a certain mutual agreement of give and take amongst the government and those who are ruled. This agreement comes in the form of monetary taxes. However, for centuries there has been a debate on the best method of collecting taxes and on what criteria, valuing fairness and equity. In this post, I will assert to you that Property Tax is the best due to its transparancy and simplicity.

Citizens of the state absolutely hate being lied to by their government. When governments collect taxes, it must be transparent enough that no-one can raise an objection due to shady dealings. Property tax is a very simple concept. You pay a certain amount of money based on the amount of land you own. An because everyone owns land, property tax is an extremely self explanatory tax

Furthermore, the Tax is extremely had to avoid. People have a tendency to avoid paying taxes, and taxing something that most people are anchored to (the land and their homes) makes avoiding the tax extremely difficult

Finally, this tax gives very high yields because of the high value of the land that is being taxed. It truly reflects the citizens income and fairly taxes them for what they can pay.

Some convincing arguments against the Property Tax is that some people disagree with the price that their land is worth, and thus disagree with how much they are being taxed. This particularly affects low income families who might have bought the property a while ago and whos incomes might not match what their property is worth.

Furthermore, calculating income tax is a long and ardous process that involves a team of people calculating and collecting the taxes. Some argue that this innefficiency outweights the benefits

Finally, the process is dependant on a pool of technical expertise that jeapordizes the functionality of the system, should the technicians become unavailable. These technicians are required to create a valuation roll and maintain the appeal processes.

This is the end of the research report done by SINJ Enterprises.




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