Will World Round 5

19 04 2011

You may have unsold inventory this round.  It could mean your price was too high, it could be you are not popular enough to sell the quantity of goods you produced or it could be a combination of the two.

If you sold everything, you might be pricing your goods too low.  Read the articles on Will Words for hints.

You keep any unsold inventory from the last round.  It is available for sale again this round.  Macs and Lyons don’t expire.

Changes this round

Effective immediately all manufacturers in Will World will be required to hold pollution credits to reduce the amount of air pollution generated by their manufacturing operations.

Every firm will be issued 10 credits.  Each credit allows you to pollute 1 increment’s worth of pollution per round.

If you wish to pollute beyond your given credits you have three choices:

  • Buy credits from another company
  • Bid on additional government issued credits
  • Buy equipment to clean your emissions

Any firm found producing beyond their pollution allowance will be heavily fined.

The government will auction off an additional 50 credits in 10 credit packages.  The credits you purchase are yours until the end of the game.  You can sell your credits to other companies during the game just remember to clear your transaction through CuttleBank.  Bidding will be completed online.  Every five minutes a package of 10 credits will the issued on the Will Words site beginning at 10:55 am.   You may enter bids at any point during those 5 minutes.  At the end of the 5 minutes the price and buyer will be announced.

Market Research Available

See Will Words for more details.

Reputation Points – Due by Midnight Tomorrow

To earn more reputation points, write an article for the Will World Words explaining your firm’s reaction to the new pollution credit system.  Send the email to the Will Words email account.

You can also earn reputation points by calculating your per increment profit for each type of good you produce.  Remember to include all costs.  You should also add a portion of any marketing costs to each increment (hint: take your total marketing costs and divide by the total number of increments you produce).  Complete your calculations in a google spreadsheet and share the file with me.

Post your pricing and production decisions here.



2 responses

19 04 2011

I am sorry but can u put the old prices of the energy and oil prices for the last round?

19 04 2011

raw material sources

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