Food Inc, Food Policy and the Election

11 04 2011

After watching Food Inc in class, please look through this slide show at the Globe and Mail detailing the food policies of each party.   Which party platform do you think is best?  Leave a comment in this thread detailing the reasons for your choice.




17 responses

11 04 2011
Dani Tavroges

I agree with the Liberal parties platform to change the lifestyle set in todays society. The main reason why I choose them over the others is because of their talk of educating the people and especially children. Children need to be taught these good eating habbits at a young age so that it will help them in the future to maintain a healthy life style. They plan to put the money towards communication one needs to pick healthy choices (labels, content and limits).
They are gearing towards saftey and health, which is essentiall what its all about.

11 04 2011
Chris Lee

Although I’m not a fan of the party itself, I think that the best choice on this matter is led by the NDP. Not only does their platform educate the new generation, it focuses on boosting the production of local foods, which both boosts our own economy and helps the environment by cutting away transportation and exportation fumes. This is extremely important, in my opinion, and not touched upon as much by any other party.

11 04 2011
Linda Lei

I agree with NDP food platform. I choose this because the party supports local producers, help people to indentify the sources of food and educate people in term of cooking and producing nutrious food. Local producers aren’t like big corporations due to they view consumers, products and emplyees different than corporations. In this way, we know where food is coming from. I notice that NDP also helps small, local farmers to get more arable land and better professional trainging, in another word, prodcuing more local health food reducing the risk of contracting any diseases. Educating students can enable them to buy nutrious food and to establish health eating style.

12 04 2011
Oleksandr Yesikov

I think the Liberal platform is the best because they are promoting healthier eating but mainly because they are going to improve food labeling. This is important because after watching Food, Inc. I finally understand the importance of being able to see what is your food made out of. I also like how they are going to review the agencies that are responsible for our food safety, because i believe that area of the food industry is the most important.

12 04 2011

Though I was not present for the Food Inc. video, by viewing the slide show on the various parties, it appears to me that the Liberal Party has the best suggestion. I completely agree with the idea of allowing the public to become more aware while also increasing safety regulations. The idea of increased nutritional learning for children will aid to their development into adults. Also, the plans to increase Canadian Food Inspection Agency funding, food labelling, and restrictions on sodium and trans fat is definitely reassuring seeing as the healthiness of our food is a much discussed topic.

12 04 2011
Carolyne Wang

I think the Green Party’s platform is the best because although their reforms are extreme, they will actually change the way food is produced as well as change the buying habits of consumers. For example, rewarding farmers for switching to organic growing methods will encourage more farmers to grow organic foods. This will increase the supply of organic food, which can lead to a price decrease and consequently enable more consumers to purchase organic foods. Also, by encouraging retailers to make shelf space for local foods, retailers increase consumer awareness of the importance of buying local and makes buying local easier for consumers. Expanding farmers’ markets as well as creating rooftop gardens and urban agriculture again increases consumer awareness of the importance of buying locally and buying healthfully. Rather than simply teach consumers and children in school the importance of eating healthy, the Green Party is taking action to demonstrate and enforce the importance of the issue.

12 04 2011
Steven Iarusci

Let’s get this straight, I don’t like the NDP, and probably never will. It’s just how I ended up seeing them growing up in a monster they created. Needless to say, they do have the best approach to food policy, if they would end up following through with it.

For starters, they are focused on educating the younger generations to learn how to eat a balanced diet, and teaching them how to be nutritious in gathering ingredients for meals as well as preparing them. I find this to be important in allowing future generation of Canadians to be healthier in their choice of food by being aware of what is a good meal versus what is a bad meal. They would also hopefully be educated on organic foods and their benefits versus regular foods.

The NDP also plan to create stronger labellings laws to help consumers identify genetically modified foods in the supermarket. This is good as it will now be easier for people to see what’s going into their food, an important factor after seeing Food Inc. Along with this will come a promotion of local growers and Canadian producers, who will not only receive help via agricultural development and co-ops, but also will receive a new wave of younger farmers through the lowering of a few barriers to entry in the sector, such as access to land, and training in the profession.

In the end, the other parties don’t have as deep of a plan for food policy as the NDP, and none of the other food policies really have emphasis on the labeling and locally grown food as much as the NDP, which I find are important factors to consider after watching Food Inc.

12 04 2011
Dylan Huber

There is nothing I like in the conservative party’s plan. Farmers are poor enough without having to deal buying new machinery and then to favour the exported and potentially unsafe food over local food seems counter intuitive. Then to have $100 million over 5 years to improve the capacity of Canadian Food Inspection Agency seems dumb. Its not the capacity which needs to be improved, but the regulations. Additionally, its unlikely that the Conservatives will maintain a minority or get a majority so it is unlikely that $100 million will even make it to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

I agree with the liberals that we need to eat healthier, as Food Inc. has officially scared me into thinking that everything has sodium and transfat. I also agree with the $50-million stimulus to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. I am unsure however how much I support benefits for being environmentally friendly when I don’t understand why is it the farmer’s job to leave room for wildlife when they stand to make more money farming.

With the NDP, I liked the fact they want to increase the level of labeling and specifically point out genetically modified foods. I also liked the idea of training younger farmers and helping get arable land.

I nearly stopped reading when the Bloc wanted to have food sovereignty. Then I read about the traceability laws and public inspection reports and I became interested again. The idea of overhauling the $4 billion Income support program interested me because I know that farmers are relatively poor and the system for farmers does not work well. Lastly I liked the idea of correcting loopholes in food import laws once again because Food Inc. scared me.

I liked the organic idea the green party had but it lost me at culinary tourism. Our most famous chef is the guy who made the beaver tail. I also disagree that biotechnology research money should be shifted organic production because I believe that biotechnology can be extremely beneficial.

All in all, my position has changed very little but I was pleased to see that most of the parties are looking to improve food production for the the better.

12 04 2011

The key to fixing this problem is to educate the younger population about healthy eating. I believe it is important for every human being to be able to know how to prepare basic meals out of raw materials. The only party going in this direction is NDP. This will be the key to fixing the food crisis as younger people will be aware of what they are eating and will grow into a healthier generation.
But I also agree with the green parties plan as they have solid routes to fixing this problem. All other parties offered to inject million of dollars into the problem with no real plan of how to go about it. The only prepared party out of all of them was the Green party.

12 04 2011

I believe NDP party platform is the best for food policy because they actually set an agenda saying that they will create laws for identifying genetically modified ingredients as suppose to other parties which just vaguely promised they will bring healthier food to the Canadians by simply investing a certain amount of money in the industry. NDP’s agenda for food policy actually promotes an efficient budget spending, because by laying out the laws for identifying genetically modified ingredients, it saved the budget that needs to be invested in the so called “agricultural innovation”, which was laid out by many of the other parties and consist of the cost on constant food inspections and the development of new technologies for solving the problem associated with consuming unhealthy foods. Also, from looking at NDP’s food agenda, you can clearly see that they are aiming to solve the problem of unhealthy foods in Canada starting from its origin, as they wish to educate the new generation of teens with the knowledge of food production and food preparation, which will discourage them to buy it from the unhealthy sources from the outside once and for all.

12 04 2011
Alejandro Enamorado

After reviewing all the parties and their platforms, I found myself in between two: NDP and Green. I feel that both would make a true difference in our food and in the whole agriculture sector. The question was which one I preferred. To be honest, I ended up siding with the Green Party’s option. I feel it is very intelligent to address the environmental issue of sustainability when speaking about food production. Due to the system being run on fuel (oil for transportation/agricultural vehicles), this change would promote environmentally friendly practices. This platform will be very effective in sending a message to producers, consumers and corporations. Not only are they informing the public, but they are going further by placing sweeping reforms. It will aid local growers and cause a huge shift towards organic. This will be effective in that the demand for organics has been alive for quite a while. By increasing production, the high priced organic option will surely go down due to an increase in supply. By expanding domestic food production, we are supporting and funneling our money into the Canadian economy. The increased regulations on pesticides and agricultural reforms would truly change how things are run. The Green Party has provided a tangible solution to the problems in the agricultural industry. Radical yes, but sometimes you need to go for broke to get things done.

13 04 2011
Nahee Kim

i beliebe that NDP food platform is better becuase they want more local production and healthier food in Canada. For the change of food labelling, people can identify wether or not the food is genetically motified food or it is safer and healtier with out GMF. Also, this platform will help people to understand what food is good for them through the education of how to eat healthy and prepare nutritious food for themselves. This will be effective becuase people will start to understand what food they are to eat or not to eat. The party will also improve farmers next generation with training and access to arable land. In this way, there are more sustained production of healthy food.

13 04 2011
Noah Schafer

I believe that the Liberal party has the best platform. After reviewing all of the platforms, I think it is the Liberals who are addressing the right problem, and doing it in the right way. A growing problem in the world today with the expansion of so many cheap unhealthy food alternatives is obesity. The Liberals are targeting the source of the problem, kids. By teaching kids healthy eating habits and restricting their trans fat, and sodium intake they are going to develop a healthier generation. This can help solve other problems as well such as reducing health issues which means less abuse on the free health care. They are also going to improve food labeling. After watching Food Inc. it has become clear to me that there is more to food than meets the eye. Informing consumers of these potentially hazardous foods can help promote healthier lifestyles, and in some cases even prevent death.

13 04 2011
Noah Schafer

*When I said targeting the source of the problem, I meant they are preventing the problem before it starts with kids. Not as in kids are causing the unhealthy food problem. Just in case that was not clear.

13 04 2011

After viewing the slideshow of the 5 parties, I believe NDP has the best food policy. For instance, its conducting a labeling process so that the consumers are aware of the products they purchase. Also, its interesting how they are trying to encourage students to take nutritious food, by educating them how to produce & prepare it. The system to support Canadian producers, local food networks, and small-scale operators would be really helpful for our economy. In addition the fairer trade and farm succession policies have touched upon some areas that the other parties do not include.

13 04 2011
Ilia Merkoulovitch

While reading each parties’ plans, I was surprised at which I liked the most and felt was most effective. The NDPs address almost every important aspect of the food industry. They strive for a more sustainable production of healthy foods, which means doing something about the amount of diesel used and trying to make food prices go down. As well, the party plans for new labeling laws which would force companies to label genetically modified food or ingredients. This would help consumers make the right choice.

The NDPs want to create schooling for young adults and teenagers where they would learn how to cook healthy and delicious meals. Addressing the consumers of tomorrow is very important, considering that in 5 or 10 years today’s teenagers will be the ones buying groceries. The party addresses localization of foods by supporting farmers markets and agriculture cooperatives. Creating a self-reliant food economy would boost Canada’s social, environmental, and economic health. Moreover, they would help new young farmers begin and take the right path into agriculture.

Lastly, the party would review trade agreements with other food economies to make sure there are no threats to the Canadian food industry. Overall the NDPs put effort into the right areas that will help move forward to a more sustainable, localized, healthy food industry in Canada.

13 04 2011
Ngodup Yaklha

I believe the Liberal party has one of the best ways of tackling this issue. injection millions of dollars into the food inspection system to make sure that all foods imported into Canada leegally are safe for the people of Canada to eat. Also they are Promoting healthier living with education programs for children; improved food labelling and tough new restrictions on trans fats and sodium. The next generation of Canadians should know where their food comes from, how its made. If the next generation demands more organic and healthier foods the suppliers are forced to supply more of those products and the prices will drop.

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