Will World Simulation Round 3

11 03 2011

If this round you can once again expect to sell all the goods that you produce. This is the last cycle where this will happen.  Be sure to stay up to date on the latest happens in Will World before you make decisions.

Post your production levels here.

If you want to increase your reputation in the Will World business world you can show your economic expertise by modeling some or all of the following markets:

  • Raw Materials
  • Energy
  • Macs
  • Lyons

To model the world, create supply and demand graphs and show the changes to the markets between cycle 1 to cycle 2 to cycle 3.   Be sure to explain which determinants are causing shifts in the graphs.

Create your graphs and explanations in google docs and then share the link with me at msccuttle at gmail dot com.

Correct models will increase your reputation in Will World which can be very valuable in future cycles.

Next cycle you will be expected to produce a quarterly report so make sure you are tracking your revenue, expenses, assets and liabilities.