Low Grain Supplies – High Demand

6 03 2011

Grain Prices have Stellar Run

Graph #1

Graph #1:
Grain prices majorly rose in 2010 and are currently continuing to rise early in 2011. Grain products have come to a minimum primarily because grain producing countries have increased the price of exportation while decreasing exportation rates as well. This decrease in supply, along with the increase in demand for grain products has resulted in people having to buy the same amount of grain products they normally would for a much higher price.

Graph #2

Graph #2:
To solve this problem, major grain distributors plan to increase grain production greatly in 2011. They plan to increase grain production to such a height as to outweigh the natural increase in demand that is present. Of course, with the increase in supply outweighing the increase in demand citizens will eventually be paying less for more grain products.




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