Supply and Demand Assignment

4 03 2011

Supply and Demand Blog post

Find an article online illustrating a change in equilibrium price or quantity in some market.  It doesn’t matter what product is involved, but you should avoid advertisements (they generally don’t contain enough useful information) and don’t look at the stock market or commodity market unless you have a very good understanding of finance.  A good place to start is Google news.

Link to the article from your post.

Explain why the price and/or quantity changed.  Refer to any supply or demand determinants that changed and/or quantity supplied or demanded.

Graph the market. Create and upload your supply and demand graph.  Make sure it is properly labeled. You can use any program you’d like.  One option is googledocs which has a paint program.

Include the Unit Two and Assignment categories for the post and use appropriate tags (i.e. what is the market in your article).

Due by the beginning of class on Monday.

Simulation Round 2

4 03 2011

For this round, start constructing your income statements in excel.

Post your production levels here.

Very little will change this round in order for you to build up your financial resources and expand your production (if you choose to).

Remember to read Will World Words to keep up-to-date with market trends.