Positive Incentives for Preventing Lates

11 02 2011

For those of you interested in developing a positive incentive solution for lates during my first period class, use the comment section of the post to develop a list of realistic, feasible positive incentives.

Are there any rules or exceptions you would want enforced?

My first period class, BTA 3O1, is 16 students.  I am willing to spend up to $10 a month as part of an incentives program that works.



One response

14 02 2011
Susan Cui

For developing positive incentives for preventing the number of lates in the first period class, I believe a rule should be made that will only encourage the number of early attendances in class. This can be as simple as giving treats (such as candies and chocolate bars) only to the first 10 students that arrive early for class everyday or giving a bonus mark at the end of every month only for those students that have arrived on time for that entire month. A limitation should be put on the number of students that can receive the rewards, because the lesser the prize, the more competitive the students would be for early attendance and the higher the value of the prize would be. $10 per month will be enough to accomplish the above incentives and decrease the number of lates dramatically.

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